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2017 Fundraising campaign goal announcement

by Jay Boeding on October 29, 2017

DMPulse rocks because of listeners like you! Generous music fans from all over the world who step-up and pay our bills so we can operate without commercials or subscriptions, keeping great music accessible to everyone!

We’re coming to you once in 2017 and asking for your support of the station to keep this great music going!

Our music royalty payments in 2018 are expected to be an all-time high of more than $2,800. These dollars pay the artists and songwriters, so your hard-earned dollars are supporting the people who create this music! We pay these royalty payments right away in January, and cannot legally operate the station without them. Our total budget in 2018 is $4,500.

Today, we are kicking off our 2017 fundraiser with a goal of $4,500.

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