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DMPulse Music Meeting!

by Jay Boeding on November 11, 2013

Before corporate radio programmers took control of local radio station playlists, there was a time each week when the DJs at a radio station would have a music meeting to determine what new songs would be “added” to the playlist. The vote was democratic, with the program director having the final say on what gets played. DMPulse is bringing this back with the help of a select group of DMPulse listeners!

Introducing the DMPulse Music Meeting!

Each week, eligible listeners will access a listening blog where they can hear five new songs being considered for airplay on DMPulse. Listeners vote right on the blog, and share their opinions on these tracks. Are they worthy of being played alongside the best new indie and alternative music? DMPulse listeners each have a vote.

How do you join the music meeting?
All donors $40 and above receive one year access to our weekly DMPulse music meeting! Support DMPulse and influence the music we play! Make a donation using the donate buttons on

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